Sunday, August 29, 2010

For my love

I do not remember the first time my eyes fell on the fellow. Was it at a friends place? Was it during a vacation? I do not clearly remember. But from then onwards I knew that I always want that beauty to be a part of my life. I do remember that it was during my visit abroad that we actually met. And from then onwards it has been a fascinating journey. Every time we are together I feel at peace. If at all we do not go out together I start getting restless. Over the years, the relationship has grown. Yes, there have been a lot of changes, physical as well as mental. Currently also, the relationship needs a physical make-over. But like in any relationship it is important to move on with the changing times. And so we will…and the relationship will only grow stronger after that.

View some wonderful moments from our journey here:

P.S. I was talking about my camera and me:)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

FedEx derailing?

The glory is waning and so are the moves. Earlier, whenever Roger Fedrer stepped on court he was invincible. But of late, he seems to losing the aura that surrounded him. Starting from his struggle to get to the quarter finals and then his exit shows how vulnerable he has become. His unbeaten streak was broken by Nadal in what was considered his bastion…Wimbledon…the grass court. And from then onwards, you could see the uncertainty and lack of confidence in his moves. He still wins matches, but somehow the charm associated with his play is lost. You can still see the flashes of brilliance in his strokes, but on the whole he seems like a normal player. He is not the invincible Fedrer anymore. What pulls him through tough matches, which he should have ideally lost, is his experience in playing on big stages. Watching him play these days brings up the is the Fedrer era nearing its end? Well, lets hope not. Let's hope that this is just a lean phase in his career and FedEx will get back on track soon.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Just got a poll on what do I think Kasab's punishment should be?
•Hanged to death
•Life imprisonment
•Stoned to death
•Let loose in a tiger reserve

And I was at the loss of words. How would I like him to be punished? What kind of punishment does the whole country want it to be? No doubt the harshest one, but what would make everyone feel satisfied. Satisfied probably not the word one would want to use for punishment...but yes that is what this punishment should do. It should make everyone feel satisfied. No, it will definitely not heal the wounds nor will it bring back what was lost. It will also not bring peace to all those who have been a witness to the heinous crime. But atleast there should be sense of satisfaction that the crime was punished in the right way. Few months back, I knew that I wanted this man dead. I wanted this man who killed innocent people, waged a war against my country, dead. But today I am at the loss of words as to how I want him to die. Will it really matter how he dies as long as he is dead? Yes. Coz I would not want to hear any life imprisonments or pleas on humanitarian grounds having any effect on his punishment. I do not want his punishment to be a normal death sentence. It should be a death sentence which will be remembered and which will create a picture of fear for any other person who plans to terrorize people. I want it to be a public punishment. I want people to see him die and I am sure everyone in the country wants to see this man as he dies.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Love All

Love conquers all boundaries. This one seems to have conquered the physical boundary for now but seems to have entered a different frontier altogether. With the surprise announcement of tennis star Sania Mirza's marriage to Pak cricketer Shoaib Malik, the media has been busy reporting controversies. Nothing new as controversy is the second name for stardom. And especially this time round, as the concerned individuals are controversies favourite children. Sania has been on the wrong side of the media time and again, be it for her dressing or more recently for her high profile engagement and then the break up. Shoaib also has been in the media limelight for a lot of wrong reasons and more recently for his one year ban. So it comes as no surprise that controversies and scandals are coming out in the open. Whether true or not is another story altogether.

It is not the first time that we have seen secret lovers coming out in the open as soon as some star decides to get married. They threaten to sue, the cry loud and clear about being cheated and create all possible ruckus they can. But, does this hamper the impending marriages? Not really.

But, what it does is that it gives the so called previous lovers and spouses their five minutes of fame.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How long?

And so it happened! After a year of having a so called peaceful year...terror has struck. And this time right here in my own city. Am I surprised considering that Pune is considered a safe city? No I am not. Am I angry? Well I guess we all are beyond that. What amazes me is the consistency of our intelligence agencies failures...I am not even bothering to mention our politicians. The less said about them the better. As the days go by, we will see how the blame game progresses which has already started.

The fact that it has happened in Pune is a matter of concern and though I as a citizen should be scared, I am not. I guess as a citizen of this country and having seen how our country and its system works, it was not at all surprising. But how long can we continue with this attitude? This attitude that things like this will happen? How long can we keep on saying that our systems will continue to perform in this abysmal manner? Isn’t it time that we start making our leaders accountable? Isn’t it time that we as citizens of this country voice our opinions loud and clear without being scared of the consequences? And this is not just terror attacks but also regarding the ways and means which are used by the political parties to get into the limelight, which more than getting them in limelight disrupts our daily lives. It’s time that we stood up for what we believe.